Douglas R. Hurlbert
Veterinary Architect


Design Services are listed below, but can be tailored:

1. Assess existing conditions for a proposed Veterinary facility
A parcel of land or tenant space can be investigated for its suitability for development
as a veterinary facility. Reviews of leased tenant space generally include floor plans to
indicate the best division of available space to provide circulation and work spaces.
Assessments of land for free-standing facilities generally include:
● a building footprint
● parking lots
● driveways
● building setbacks
● landscaping bufferyards
● storm water retainage basins (if needed)
Design cost for Assessment Service is usually based on an hourly fee.

2. Schematic Design Floor Plan
The layout of a free standing building or leased space can be designed for a variety of purposes:
● to confirm the usefulness of a site or space
● to give the owner a vision of a proposed facility
● to request an early construction estimate from contractors
● to obtain financing from a lender
● to gain approval from local governments
● to allow a local architect to carry out construction in states outside my states of registration
    NC, SC, and VA.
Floor Plan Design cost is typically based on a contract or hourly fee.

3. Full Service Design Initial design services can begin before land or rented space is acquired, and can carry through
to occupancy. This would include:
● Site Assessment
● Schematic Plans and Elevations
● Construction Documents (blueprints)
● Selection and negotiation with a General Contractor
● Inspections and reviews during construction
Full Service Design cost is normally based on a percentage of the construction amount.